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Car Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne CBD

Car Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne CBDDon’t want to be stuck in stifling hot car during any season, right? Then a South Bank Auto Repair will keep you comfortable on the streets of Melbourne CBD when you are behind the wheel, just the exact way you want!

We offer a car air conditioning repairs/services and car air conditioning re-gassing for all luxurious cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, SAAB, Renault, Land Rover, Volvo and VW.

With our certified and skilled technicians in all aspects of car air conditioning, from re-gassing to diagnosing leaks such as repairs and servicing, we can be your first choice when it involves keeping your car cool while on the roads.

Our range of services and repairs includes:-

Test for vehicle air conditioning gas leaks,
Give your car air conditioning a full re-gas and service,
Recharge your vehicle air conditioning systems and clean your air conditioning system.
We test for operating pressures, leaks and damage.
So, whether you need an air conditioning clean, service or re-gas, you can rely on South Bank Auto Repair for affordable and overall air conditioning repairs/services in Melbourne CBD.

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