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Car Service Southbank

Car Service SouthbankCar brakes are without a doubt the most important safety aspect of your vehicle.

Driving a vehicle that has worn brakes is very dangerous and puts you and your passengers at high risk. For this reason, it’s absolutely integral to keep your brakes 100% at all times.

As with most mechanical faults on your car, if there’s a problem with it, your car will tell you.

If you feel something or you’re able to hear something, it’s important to go straight to your mechanic. So how do I know if my brakes are damaged? Look and listen out for grinding noises when you apply the brakes, when you brake if your car pulls to the left or right or your car struggles when you’re braking heavily. If you notice any of the above symptoms or any other inconsistencies, you need to visit our South Melbourne brake specialist as soon as possible.

Don’t just trust any mechanic with your safety. Make sure you trust a team of brake specialists to keep you safe. At Southbank Auto Repair, we specialise in car brakes. Whether you need worn brake pads replaced or you simply require a check up, let the professional technicians at Southbank Auto inspect them. We will effectively assess the problem and then get straight to work in our state of the art facility.

Our car mechanics will look after all your car service concerns. To book your appointment for car service in South bank, feel free to give us a call on 03 9690 1571

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