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ClutchesAt Southbank Auto Repairs, our fully qualified auto technicians can fit quality clutches to most make of cars. If you need a new clutch, you can count on the team at Southbank Auto Repairs to replace and fit your clutch to the highest of quality.

Similar to car brakes, there are a number of signs to watch out for that are tell tale signs that your clutch is on the way out. These include a burning smell, crunching noises, inability to change gears and shuddering sounds when you’ve started moving or coming to a stop. Over time, clutches can become worn and not function to the level they should. You don’t have to be a bad driver to have a worn clutch, but it does help to drive sensibly to prolong its lifetime.

car services including

Scheduled Maintenance
Battery Testing and Replacement
Oil Replacement
Tire Sales and Repair
Brake Repair
Wheel Alignment
Cooling System Service
Engine Repair and Exhaust
Steering and Suspension

At Southbank Auto, we specialise in clutch repairs. Our team of qualified technicians share years of combined experience and focus on delivering prompt and reliable clutch servicing combined with great products.

Our quality workmanship and customised designs ensure high customer satisfaction each and every time. Our trained mechanics have years of experience in repairing and replacing clutches. We strive to always find a cost effective solution that will keep your car road safe and your passengers safe.

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