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Log Book Services Southbank

Log Book Services SouthbankNow, for log book servicing you don’t need to go back to your car manufacturer’s service centre to maintain your new car warranty. You can simply bring it to Southbank Auto Repairs.

As an authorised and licensed car mechanic, we provide log book services in Southbank as per the specific vehicle’s requirements. We aren’t only servicing all the makes and models of the cars, but will also stamp your log book protecting your car warranty.

Our team of qualified and skilled mechanics and technicians can take care of the repairs, maintenance and services for your car. With us, you can be at your peace of mind as we only use the genuine spare parts and oil and lubricants of highest quality standards in accordance with your car manufacturer’s specifications.

We provide you with the fixed price quote while you book your car for servicing so that you’ll know exactly how much the log book service will cost.

To book your car for efficient and trustworthy log book services in Southbank, call on 03 9690 1571

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