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Radiator Repairs Melbourne CBD

Radiator Repairs Melbourne CBDIf you suspect your radiator or cooling system is struggling, then it is the correct time to pop into South Bank Auto Repair. We pride ourselves on the long journey of service in the field of radiator repairs in Melbourne CBD, both for repairing leaks and gaskets also replacing it with new components if necessary.

We are dedicated to offering radiator repairs/services for all variety of car radiators and also carry a wide range of radiators for sale, especially for DIY mechanics looking for easy access to new and reconditioned radiators.

We have a status for excellence in Melbourne CBD and known for the quality of work, affordable prices and fast turnaround times. Our quality radiator repairs/services include:-

  • Installing new and re-cored radiators
  • Water pump replacements
  • Heater repairs
  • Radiator flush and coolant
  • Thermostat repairs and replacement
  • Radiator hoses maintained and repaired
  • Cleanout blocked radiators
  • Repair leaks
  • Pressure test and custom build etc.

Therefore, for cost-effective solutions and professionals in radiator repairs/services in Melbourne CBD for all makes and models, speak to us today and get reliable advice and best service.

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