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Radiator Repairs

Radiator Repairs South MelbourneRadiator repairs are just as important as purchasing a new radiator. Not only will this save you money, but you’re doing your part for the environment. One of those important components is your radiator. Your car radiator is an essential part of the cooling system, preventing your engine from overheating. Therefore, your radiator needs to be given particular attention to. It’s important to be wary that not all mechanics have the skills and knowledge to repair radiators.

At Southbank Auto, we repair a variety of car radiators. One of the most common issues that drivers encounter is the not getting a broken radiator repaired. This is because the radiator is a central component of a cooling system, so when a malfunction occurs it often leads to a more serious problem.

car services including

Scheduled Maintenance
Battery Testing and Replacement
Oil Replacement
Tire Sales and Repair
Brake Repair
Wheel Alignment
Cooling System Service
Engine Repair and Exhaust
Steering and Suspension

At Southbank Auto, we can repair leaks and gaskets, and replace them with new components if necessary.

Further radiator services include installing new and re-cored radiators, water pump replacements, heater repairs, radiator flush, radiator coolant, thermostat repairs and replacement, radiator hoses maintained and repaired, cleanout blocked radiators, repair leaks, pressure test and custom builds and more.

We also carry an extensive range of radiators for sale. We target the D.I.Y. Mechanics who are seeking easy access to new and reconditioned Radiators

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