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Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne CBD

Roadworthy Certificate – A green indicator for a safe and happy journey!

Planning for selling or transferring the registration of your vehicle? Then for sure, you will require a roadworthy certificate. Generally, it is a certificate that is claimed in case of a vehicle being sold or re-registered and acts as a relief in reducing the number of faults and inadequate vehicles on the road.

We at South Bank Auto Repair organise the highest quality and friendly service at your convenient location in Melbourne CBD. Our car roadworthy inspection mainly covers the major safety-related items, incorporating:-

  • All glass and windows in the vehicle
  • Reflectors, light and lamp
  • The structure and integration of the vehicle itself
  • Engine, chassis, body and other safety associated items
  • Tyres, wheels, suspension, steering and braking systems
  • All seat and seat belts
  • Windscreen and its wipers and washers

Only after checking all these aspects in precise detail we can organise you with a roadworthy certificate i.e. RWC to your vehicle. Therefore in future, if you require a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne CBD, then don’t forget to contact us!

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