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Roadworthy Certificate Middle Park

Is your car roadworthy? Do you need a roadworthy certificate for your car? Southbank Auto Repairs can help you with the safety and roadworthy certificate in Middle Park.

With us, you can be at complete peace of mind that your roadworthy certificate inspection is carried out by the qualified inspector and is compliant with the Australian safety standards. We organise the roadworthy certificate only after the thorough inspection of your car including hand-brake test, road test, engine and drive lines, wheel and tyres, body and chassis, lights and electrical components, modifications, brake test, exhaust emissions, brake components, steering and suspension, windscreen and windows and seats.

Our expert and skilled technicians provide a thorough analysis of your car and guide for repair if required. We offer the same day service in the most cases and can also perform all the repairs and services required to ensure that your car is up to the standards to pass roadworthy certificate requirements in Middle Park.

We are the cheapest and the fastest when it comes to the roadworthy certificate. To book call 03 9690 1571

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